Circular and Sustainable  Manufacturing

As a manufacturing company, we are working towards creating fully sustainable manufacturing processes - aiming to close the loop of a circular economy. We work on circular product design and innovations collaboratively with some of the largest retailers in the fashion industry.

Message from our CEO

The key objective for Grinvald Footwear is the continuous development and innovation of new practices to achieve 0% of waste disposal from our and our stakeholder’s production lines. As of today, we are proud in our 80% decrease of waste materials from our production, and we continuously work to achieve 0 waste from our production by 2025

Dc. Anna Grinvald

News And Updates

GTS Group nominated for Best Environmental Sustainability Programme

2 March 2020

Positive Luxury awards 2020

Grinvald Footwear attended the 2020 Positive Luxury Awards, which was held in the elegant Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in Bloomsbury on 25 February. The inspiring event recognized companies and individuals working towards affecting positive change in businesses and our world.


Positive Luxury is the company behind the Butterfly Mark initiative, a verification program that awards brands the green seal of approval based on their sustainable credentials. Everything from fair wages to carbon footprint is stringently tested in order for the brands to be awarded the prestigious mark. The range of premium brands – from fashion designers to boutique hotels and modern watchmakers – reflects the diversity of people in the luxury sector who are committed to implementing better sustainable practices from the ground up.


2020 Positive Luxury Awards
2020 Positive Luxury Awards

2020 Positive Luxury Awards
2020 Positive Luxury Awards



Grinvald`s Footwear first own brand launching in China!

The time has come! Roxan, the first Grinvald Footwear own brand will start direct sales to end customers in April 1st. This is a great step for us, in which we will be leading the on-line market with environmental friendly footwear.


Our collection of Sandals and Sliders will be sold on T-Mall, part of the Alibaba Group, the greatest in China. All of our products will be made of scrap leather and recycled materials, minimizing the wastage on the footwear industry, and avoiding every possible pollution damage to our world.

Our Valued Customers

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