Grinvald Footwear is committed to high quality standards, good customer relationship achieved by transparent business practices.

It was started in 2016 by GTS Group (Global Tooling Services) from which it benefits all the founding and its  respectable business practices. (GTS had been nominated in 2020 for the best sustainability program)

Grinvald Footwear provides end-to-end solutions within the footwear business from concept and design into full production with high quality standards delivered to our customers.

The company is an expert in the production of Flat Fashion Footwear, such as slides, flip flops, sandals and ballerinas, using different materials. We are able to produce up to 2500 pairs per day, surrounding by experts with more than 30 years of experience who make sure that the quality is as high as expected. The company also provides independently all kind of derived product in footwear,


 We target an environmental friendly industry, on a process that transforms any kind of possible waste into quality fashion footwear. We concentrate on the creation of items using recycled materials, and leather waste  making in that way the circular production as the core of our business

The key objective now of the company  is the continuous development and innovation of new practices to achieve 0 %waste in our manufacturing.    

To reach this target our engineer and designers are working together on new products and others ideas to innovate the market

We are ISO 9001:2015 (2019), SMETA 6 and Sedex certified.

In August 2020, we have been certified with the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury for our commitment for sustainability . Please read more about our journey here.


Anna Grinvald has started her career in Israel, where she managed the logistics of one of the biggest agricultural companies in Israel. After moving to Dongguan - China in 2009, she started GTS Group. GTS Group focused on the manufacturing of precision plastics and stainless steel molds. After 8 years of successful entrepreneurship, she decided to follow her passion, starting Grinvald Footwear, under GTS Group. Connecting the experience and know-how from molds to final product, and developed a modern, efficient and innovating Shoe Factory. Capable of providing end-to-end solutions in the shoes business. Anna aims nothing less than providing the best quality shoes, while always keeping up with the strict schedule that the fashion world demands.

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We are committed to sustainable development, decreasing waste, recycling materials

and minimizing negative production outcomes


Since 2018, GTS Group has started putting great focus into the development and innovation of sustainability in our supply and production chains. We committee to sustainable development, decreasing waste, recycling materials and minimizing negative production externalities. We invest in production innovations which allow us to do so. Our global team of professional create circular designs and develop Eco-friendly solutions to our customers. All of our packaging solutions are sustainable, Eco-friendly, efficient and cost-effective. 


Expertise - Quality - Transparency - Sustainability

Grinvald Shoes work philosophy is based on Integrity, Reliability, Honesty and Quality. We take transparency as the main factor in our business, making sure we form a true partnership with our clients, built in trust.  

We avoid every kind of waste in materials and time, working also with scrap leather as a form to be even more Environment friendly. We invest in innovations to create new production practices in order to increase sustainability. We focus on providing top quality on every shoe, with attention to detail, and keeping great relationships with our clients and suppliers.


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Grinvald footwear launched its own sustainable Brand ROXAN in 2019 , a good alternative to recycle its own waste and all others materials. The brand even though make full recycled materials footwear collection, it aims to be stylish comtemporary and elegant .



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MERAKE brand specialized in leather articles  is born from the partnership  between Grinvald Footwear and Simona Tannery by the wish to recycle leather waste from Simona  one of the biggest tannery in China and members of the Leather Working Group.

The partnership of Grinvald Footwear and Simona was born from the friendship of 2 company directors driven by the same goal to recycle waste and create further value with it.

Anna Grinvald and Alane Marder are business women working in fashion in China for decades but above all they are mothers of large families. Caring for their children and the future of their planet they decided to take a turn and created their own brands following their target  of reducing waste

Pursuing green fashion, They combine their 2 company skills, one in leather industry and the other in shoes and rubber in order to create a fashionable recycled footwear collection along with others recycled accessories.