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Marble Surface


The company is specialized in the production of Flat Fashion Footwear, such as slides, flip flops, sandals and ballerinas, using different materials.


In our goal to offer sustainable manufacturing to our clients , we made the circular production as the core of our business using any kind of recycled materials from toe puff, counter, to upper and outsole .


Following that direction , and with our wish to reduce even more wastes, we had to adapt our profession and build new systems , and new process.   We developed  in that way,  others kind  of products such as footwear materials , and different kind of accessories out of our footwear field . We create and launch as well our shoe stone box , thank to the engineering  skill of GTS.


To reinforce our commitment to innovation and sustainability  we are using 3 D  printing technology  allowing us to reduce waste when developing new styles and helping us to adapt to  our system of recycling scrap leather. 




Grinvald Footwear is currently producing slides and sandals made of entirely re-usable, recycled materials 

We provide a wide range of fashion footwear especially designed from the leather waste or others fabric that we are gathering and which was intended to landfill . We select it carefully; repair and re finish before recycling.   All the product that are delivered must feel brand new , whether they are made out of reused materials. Each of our product are unique as they don’t derive from a mass production. Each style are in a way Limited Edition.

To minimize waste, all the leather that we cannot used are injected into our outsoles, or different upper combined with recycled resin . It is our founding company, GTS Group, that is responsible for the injection

Beside the wish to recycle the waste the company doing many things to make its shoes friendlier for the planet  :  sole made from sugarcane , sole made by recycled or cabon free rubber,.  recycled cardboard,  counter, toe puff......

Circular Production
Marble Surface


speckled product.jpg

In our will to minimize waste, We created the speckle outsole and upper .
All the leather that cannot be used on our footwear or accessories are shredded and injected into our outsole and upper which give an unique Design

As for our Speckle upper, it is specifically made from recycled materials combine with leather waste



WE OFFER Photodegradable Large range of box and bags sizes. Full Customization as per customer requirements . Various thickness ( most commonly used 2mm – 5mm). Large range of box design and prints

The Stone Box is one of the most innovative and sustainable projects in Grinvald Footwear. It consists on a mixture of Calcium Carbonate and Recycled Plastics, on a mixture of roughly 70/30%. These two elements together alter the chemical behavior of the recycled plastic (PP - Polypropylene), turning it into a photo-degradable material.

This Mixture is then molded into boards, and then marked, painted and cut, creating The Stone Box. The future solution for worldwide Shoe Packing!


The box is made of recycled plastic, and 100% of the plastic is photo-degradable, oxidizing into 1.4ppm Nitrous Oxide and 65ppm of CO.


As a new product in the market, we already own SGS, ISO, FDA, RoHS Certification and more.

Sustainable Packaging

Raw Material: 70% Calcium Carbonate + 30% Recycled Plastic (PP)

The Final Stone Box, ready to be shipped and mounted 


Degradable in 15-21 months


Cost very similar to normal Cartons

High Impact/Pressure Resistant

Made of Recycled materials and able to be re-used and recycled again.

No pulp or tree cutting


All Sizes, Thickness and Printing, as per customer choice



Our Head of Plastic Injection & Engineering, Mr. Ron Grinvald, years ago, worked in partnership with The Technion Institute, in Israel. They had to find a solution for the Green Houses in Israel, in the search of a material that could be used in a not harmful way to our environment, and still be resistant and affordable. In 2017, the mixture of Calcium Carbonate and recycled plastic was first used, and is being used since then. 


As a Sustainable Manufacturer and member of The Fashion Pact, we decided to use and patent this material for Shoe Boxes and Shipping Cartons!

1. We mix Calcium Carbonate with Recycled Plastic (PP) in a percentage of 60/40% - 80/20%. The more Calcium Carbonate, cheaper and thinner the box will be.

2. Extrude sheets of the material.

3. HD Computer Molded Printing on the sheets.

4. Mark folding/cutting points.

5. Ship the boxes flat ready to be folded in our client`s factory. Or we can also send them ready to use.

Marble Surface


After gathering all the leather waste intended to landfill, we select and design our product. Bigger pieces are used for our sandals upper and the rest goes to smaller articles such as leather patch for shoes. Leather home accessories, phone case , key holder, hangtags…. are especially designed and developped  by and for our sustainable brand partners MERAKE.

Those different products are generally a good alternative for B to B communication, or company gift as well

Recycled accessories
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